LifeStyles Condoms – To Use Or Not to Use

LifeSyles Condoms have been around a long time. They are respected and have a huge fan base. They have managed to position themselves among the top names like Trojan and Durex. In reality these two are the only competition for them. It is obvious that they are a power player in this market buy condoms online. But should you really be using this brand of condom? Is really right for you? Many people never stray from one particular brand. Some will stick with their brand remaining loyal even if the condom is uncomfortable.

Now when it comes to love making it should be as pleasurable as possible – right? So why would you use a condom that does not give you the most bang for your buck (no pun intended). Granted Lifestyles is a great condom. But what if you could find something better? Each brand and style is unique in its own way. Some are smaller, some slightly bigger. Some have ribs or studs while others have extra material to increase sensitivity. The options are endless.

Conclusion: Should you be using their competitor?…Definitely. While LifeStyles condoms is a well respected brand, you should always try new products. At least well known products that measures up to the same high standards LifeStyles does. I find no fault in this particular brand (I include them in my arsenal of protection). Just remember that everyone is different, no two men are the same. Try some different brands or styles and see if you can find a better fit. At the very least try different Styles of Lifestyles.

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